Inkjet Ink Suppliers in China

We are the leading inkjet ink manufacturer, and we pride our self in providing the quality inkjet ink. We are providing a wide range of good quality products and an amazing range of prices. Our top priority is to produce items that can provide solutions to customers.

The top inkjet ink supplier China is offering is no doubt Belink. The ink is the critical component in printers, and there is no way one can compromise on the quality of ink. That is the reason we give our best to produce high-class ink to avoid any trouble for our customers.

Cheapest Place to Buy Inkjet Ink

Belink is one of the cheapest places to buy inkjet ink when it comes to quality. We can guarantee that no other inkjet ink manufacturer China has, can offer this quality in our rates. In order to stay immune from the uncalled delays in tasks and odd printing problems, you should always choose Belink.

As the inkjet ink supplier, we assure you that the products you’ll receive from our end will be highly efficient and are produced by using advanced technology. The use of modern production methods and up to date techniques makes all the difference in our and other products.

Our Company

We have almost 79 highly trained professionals and 320 specialized workers at our company. All of them are enthusiastic about providing solutions for clients. We have the professional production lines of TTR, pharmaceutical foil, coding foil, and 15 professional production lines of Hot Ink Roll are advanced in technology and covers about 266,800 square meters.

The yearly production capacity of our state of the art production lines is over 450 million USD. We are supplying high-quality thermal printing products worldwide with over 63 countries and overall China.

About Us

We are proud to declare that we are among the earliest enterprises of China to make deliberate efforts for the research and developing coding and printing consumables. Our wide range of amazing products is a fruit of 18 years of experience in the thermal printing industry. We are dedicated and want to provide the best customer support to our clients through and through.

We have four manufacturing bases in China with 44 professional production lines. Out of these 44, 29 production lines are for TTR, Pharmaceutical Foil, and Coding Foil and the remaining 15 are for Hot Ink Roll. The Hot Ink Roll covers about 266,800 square meters.

Our competitive price range allows us to deal with buyers from 177 countries around the world. We have an approval from ISO90-01, BS-OHSAS18001, ISO14001, and SGS. We are also providing OEM services for some well-known companies across the globe.

The talent, specialization, and hard work of our employees coupled with the quality of the products differentiate us from others.

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