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    Inkjet Printers Versus Thermal Printer; Which Is Better and Why?

    Businesses all around the globe depend heavily on printers to cater to their so many daily printing. It is essential to choose printers that are multi-purpose and can fulfil the basic needs of the business. There are two types of printers that are commonly used nowadays inkjet and thermal. Both printers are used for a different kind of printing. They have their advantages and disadvantages. It is essential to have complete knowledge of the standard choices because this knowledge enables to make an informed decision.

    Inkjet printers

    Inkjet printers as the name suggests uses ink to print on to the various types of paper. The ink these printers use is known as the inkjet ink. These printers are known for printing vivid colours and are considered suitable to print photos and graphics. It sprays thousands of droplets of ink on to a piece of paper, and the colours are then combined to form text or image. Supplies and cartridges are readily available which makes them cheaper. Images printed by this type of printer are photo-quality images.

    The inkjet printer is ideal for primary print jobs like contracts, manuals and daily office prints. It prints high-quality photographs and is also suitable for temporary signage.

    What Is InkJet Ink?

    It is a liquid ink used to produce texts and images on to a paper by an inkjet printer. Microscopic droplets of inkjet ink are sprayed on to the paper where it soaks in. It comes in two forms dye-based inks and pigment-based inks. Dye-based are cheaper and the images they produce fade over time or when exposed to ultraviolet lights. Pigment-based inks are a bit expensive, but they are not easily faded.

    Mostly it is made up of linseed and soya bean oil base or a heavy petroleum distillate that is often used as the solvent. Then the pigments are combined into the base known as varnish. Inkjet ink is designed to dry by evaporation.

    Thermal printers

    Thermal printers, on the other hand, use tiny heating elements to transfer ink from a ribbon. These ribbons are called barcode ribbon. This type of printer is suitable for printing labels, barcodes, safety signs, shipping labels, and other items that are used heavily. It is further divided into two categories; direct thermal printers, and thermal transfer printers. Labels and signs printed by it are long lasting and can stand extreme temperature conditions. They last for a long time and are easy to maintain.

    The thermal printer should print durable labels and barcodes as it ensures long-lasting print. Wire wraps and low light visual communication calls for a thermal printer as well.

    What Is Barcode Ribbon?

    There are three types of barcode ribbon; wax ribbons, wax/resin ribbons, and resin ribbons. Wax ribbons are the cheapest, but their durability against smudges and scratches is also low. Wax/resin ribbons have a higher melting point, and the durability is even higher than the wax one. Resin ribbon is the most expensive of the three. Printing is done at high energy levels and the print done using resin ribbons have resistance against smudges and scratches.

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