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March 8, 2018
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Enhanced Hot Coding Foil

Enhanced Hot Coding Foil Item No.  NCI / FC1

Brand Name:Belink Minimum order 1 pack/packs


Product Description:
Enhanced Hot coding foil, Item No. NCI / FC1 Alias: Hot stamping foil, Coding foil
Application for labeling machine or coding machine to Print and mark date / batch number/ text on soft packages for
industries such as food, diary, beverage, medicine, snacks, confectionery,etc. NCI / FC1 is our premium coding foil. It has the
best of the performance all-around, and support the printing speed up to 450 times per minute. It available in black, white,
yellow, gold and silver.Suit for high speed labeling up to 450 labels per minute,produce sharp printing image and have
scratch resistance, excellent adhesion to a wide range of label substrate include aluminum. high speed printing coding foil.It
has the outstanding printing quality and good resistance against scratch, it can be used under the high printing speed up to
450 times per minutes.


printing speed up to 450 times per minute.
Easy to use
Print tidy and sharp
Scratch resistance
Foil Color: black
Foil Thickness : 0.235 mm
Ink thickness 0.115 mm
Printing temperature: 95 -160 Celsius degree
Stamping Speed: 0 – 450 times/min.
Recommended Label Substrate
Polyester, PP, PE, PVC, PET, Aluminum foil

General Size
25mm*100m, 30mm*100m,35mm*100m, 25mm*122m, 25mm*183m, 30mm*122m, 35mm*122m, 45mm*183m
Shelf Life 18 months, Storage at room temperature.
Compatible Coders: DY-8, HP-241, HP-30, and any other labeling machines auto or hand controlling coders


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